Scrap that Expensive Office or forget about signing that extortionate lease. People have certainly proved they can work from home so why not save a fortune but maintain or improve your office and reception and board room service etc for far less money!


We Know we can upgrade your software and hardware and provide in house calling software for example and a virtual receptionist or two if you don't already employ them because we can also of course cater for them and WE WILL GUARANTEE TO QUOTE YOU LESS THAN WHAT YOU CURRENTLY PAY ON JUST RENTING OFFICE SPACE ALONE! DEPENDING ON YOUR LOCATION A HUGE AMOUNT LESS!!


We Can Duplicate Exactly what you have!

Virtual Receptionist Service

Fully Networked and updated and backed up employee software and work.

Use modern software tools to maintain and improve productivity as well as have it feel like your all in the same room.


We already have a multiskilled virtual call Centre available to be booked for projects ranging from B2B, Customer Service, Sales, Admin and so much more. This Network is growing as we recruit and train new remote workers onto our network everyday.


Register Now To Get Access to Our Worker Network to either cherry pick your staff for one off, short term, part time and full time positions as well as post Jobs in the members area and let the applicants come to you!


Staff Could access The Office Network with a Smartphone, a TV and a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse! Or a cheap Netbook but you get the idea? Oh yeah Access from anywhere in the world too!

Never worry about having to or needing to upgrade anything (hardware or software) EVER again!

We Just Did an 8 Employee Network, Improved their Hardware Performance, Upgraded and added Software and Productivity & Provided peace of mind with 24 hour support for just £1999*!!!

*Renewals (Annually) when you get updated faster components and programs again usually for less. Unless of course you have added features,function,programs or people of ourse!!