How To Join, Setup Smart Wallet & Choose the Best Secondary Profit Wallet

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First things first if you haven't already got a Bitcoin Wallet and or a platform to buy any I would recommend Blockchain. You can Sign Up in literally 2 minutes and have a wallet and can buy very quickly too even the full registration is probably the fastest and easiest of them all. Other Easy Ones are Coinbase and of Course Cash App!

Once you have a wallet and can buy bitcoin you can start researching and find what's best for you. There are still a few P2P Markets Out there but they have quite a markup on the actual live price whereas sites like Blockchain, Coinbase, Cash App etc have a fixed rate above the market cap so at least you get consistency! Again we can just give you rough pointers as we are not allowed nor should we do anything that constitutes advise as we cannot be held liable for any issues you have with a third party.

Join SCS Smart Wallet

You then need to join SCS if you haven't already Just Click Members on the Toolbar above and then Signup it takes a few minutes. Setup Your Profile and then whenever your ready fill in the form to request to Open a Smart Wallet Account and make a Deposit.

You will then maybe want to look into other wallet options such as hardware wallets they vary so much in price functionality etc. Or what I think is the best solution is a Crypto Visa Card now again just Google them but I will say that having done a fair bit of research on these Wirex seem to do the best with 5% Cash Back. Contactless Card. Multiple Currencies and Multiple Crypto Loading Options but again find what's best for you and when you know exactly where you want your profits sent enter or update your wallet address in the members area as well as pick your payout options.

You will get approved as an SCS Member and if you have sent your deposit you will get a separate invoice/receipt for that confirming your balance. Of course we are always available if you have any questions wither via form below or phone (Home Page).