SCS Cell Hash Networking LTD Terms of Service for "Smart Wallet"

The following Terms of Use is a legal contract between an individual user and SCS & CELL HASH NETWORKING LTD defining the rules and acceptable behavior of the Crypto Smart Wallet Section and illustrated services. 

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Please read these terms of use carefully. By accessing our site or using our services, you acknowledge that you understand, agree, and are bound by these terms.

Modification of Terms
At our discretion, SCS may edit, add, or remove parts of this agreement. If we do make changes to these Terms of Use, we will make a reasonable effort to provide notice.

Prohibited Conduct
You are solely responsible for your conduct while on our site, and agree to abide by all laws, contracts, intellectual property and third-party rights.

SCS reserves the right to terminate access to Smart Wallet and block future use of it and our other services if we deem these Terms of Use have been violated. As does the consumer have the right to terminate their membership or use of service if SCS has been found to have breached any of the terms.

Account Opening 

Members will be requested to provide proof of Address & Identification When Depositing Over £1000's worth of BTC or when they are about to exceed that value. Initial joining Deposit is a Minimum £100's worth of BTC at the time of deposit. Once the Deposit Fee has been deducted the BTC Balance will never be less than the stated amount. 

Membership Referral Scheme

Members are encouraged to invite friends etc to join SCS Crypto Smart Wallet and for each member that joins via referral the member that referred said member will get 2% of their total initial deposit fee & 1% for each subsequent deposit for the remainder of the membership. It will be added to the members balance on confirmation of referral and deposit. Referrals will require the existing member to email us with the expected new members email address and name and the new member should have your username / email address to confirm.

Closing Account

Members can request to remove their full balance at any time during working hours stated on the homepage or email a request that will be fulfilled at our earliest opportunity. As stated it will be no less than the initial or remaining balance in BTC regardless of its current market value.

Wallets & Third Parties

SCS cannot be held liable or responsible for any misgivings or grievances members may have with any third party service even if we have recommended them we do not exclusively work with any 3rd party and merely give suggestions based on research and word of mouth we have gathered. Likewise we cannot be held liable or responsible or provide compensation to victims of fraudsters and scammers. We provide a traded wallet service and the account / wallet holder is responsible for where they send crypto to. We will of course transfer requested amounts to any address the user requests whenever they request but cannot be held responsible for its destination. The only exception to this would be if an error in the provided address was made by us, in this instance SCS would rectify the issue. 


It is not a legal requirement for members to be over the age of 18 however we will not sell or cash in by means of purchasing account balance for fiat GBP any account held by someone unable to prove they are under the age of 18. If minors have been purchased or acquired crypto currency they wish to deposit onto this platform we strongly recommend parental consent and will not be held liable for any grievances or potential losses a minor incurs without parental guidance and permission. All Transactions and members over the age of 18 transacting may only do so with Bitcoin. This Product strictly can't be purchased via fiat. It is a Crypto Product Platform that will receive and transfer crypto as well as take an 8% Deposit Fee for each individual Deposit. All other transactions and transfers etc maybe subject to transfer transaction block fees that will be defaulted to the lowest available unless the user states otherwise.


In The event the user wishes to sell their Smart Wallet Balance we may issue an offer via official invoice for a limited time and if the user finds the offer to be satisfactory having made sure they would not like to sell via other means then SCS will purchase the BTC amount at the agreed price by BACS Bank Transfer Direct to the client. This is not an advertised promoted regular service but it will be considered and offered on certain occasions.


Member Community

Members are able to chat and like etc in the members section as well as link their social media in order to refer friends to SCS and invite them to Join. There is an incentive scheme directed at this motive outlined in the next section of these terms. SCS takes no responsibility or liability for any 3rd party peer to peer disputes or incidents apart from the use of foul language, threats, hate speech or any illegal activity. Members must not use the members area to trade as SCS is not licensed or regulated under FCA rules to allow this activity on the platform. Members who are found in breach of this as referenced above will be terminated with immediate effect and their wallet balances will be cleared to the designated secondary wallet in full and membership end.