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Ultimate Remote vWorstations from just £29.99 per year!
  • Quad or 8 Core, 16/32GB Ram, 100+80TB SSD Storage, Gigabit Internet, VPN Access From Anywhere on Any device! + Optional GAMING from Nvidia Add on

SCS Cloud Computing vWorkstation with Essential Software Account including 1 Year Subscription.


  • Incredible Hardware Performance. Windows and Office 365 Licence. A Full Windows PC ANYWHERE! 

  • Super fast 1 Gigabit Internet Connection!(That alone costs way more than this for 1 Month! If you Can Even Get it!)

  • Secure Encryption for the storage and the connection to Workstation Itself (Basically a VPN to a New Computer!)

  • If you were to buy the equivalent computer, software, and VPN subscription. It would cost minimum £800 that's forgetting the insanely fast connection that is basically unobtainable as an individual!!

  • If your travelling or on the go, take a full PC with you on your phone, tablet, HDMI Compute Stick,Chromebook etc

  • Speed up and update your old slow laptop/pc. As long as it connects to the internet. Once your logged in, you are using a brand new latest tech PC with a SUPERFAST Internet Connection!

  • Never loose any of your data or contacts or get a virus again! 

  • Never update a computer again! Just renew your subscription. Which right now, today is just £29.99

Btw.. If you think this is too good to be true or a mistake, its not! It works by numbers hence why we are trying to get people to join at a reduced rate and then the price will have to go up a little otherwise it will be at a loss so buy now while its silly cheap!.


So Buy This Now & Get access to this incredible VPC (Virtual PC) from any device; Phone, Tablet, Smart TV, Media Dongle, Old Slow Laptop or PC. Your secure encrypted connection to your Workspace acts as a VPN too! Plus Gigabyte Internet Connection, Incredible speeds of over 300Mbs Download and Upload! Even if your logged in on a Mobile Internet connection or 30Mb Home Broadband!(I have added screenshots to illustrate).


As long as you have an Internet Connection you can access your vWorkspace from anywhere in the world on any Device with an Internet Connection. Once logged into your Workspace you are in your own encrypted secure environment that is auto backed up hourly across several servers in different countries with an always changing Elastic IP. 


The Workspace Terminal Software is available for Android/iOS/MacOS/Windows/Linux/Chrome and you can also access your Cloud Workstation via an Internet Browser as well.


Once logged in you are greeted with your Windows 10 Desktop just as you would after booting up a PC or Laptop.


You can use very easy and cheap tools to use a small device on a TV or Monitor and Bluetooth Peripherals for Keyboard and Mouse etc. Which I will add a list of recommended devices for this once I have evaluated all options.


This is just the very basic Starter Account which is adequate for most peoples needs. However you can upscale on an as needed pay as you go basis for additional Storage Space, Software, Networking. Basically from this starter package you can turn it into a full business solution or a powerful personal Computer for Leisure or Editing etc.


You may have an old slow PC or Laptop that you can basically upgrade to the very latest and fastest hardware to enable support for the latest software for your needs at an absolute fraction of the cost through Software Licence Sharing and of Course the amazing benefits of dedicated cloud computing such as Virus Free Computing.


Add Users to your Workstation with their own additional storage and software profiles and shared drives either for the rest of the family or your employees or perhaps you are members of a group or organisation?


Either way you can scale up your Workspace to meet your needs at any point for as long as you like. Another quick example of the infinite benefits is you can map your shared or single user Workspace drive with your existing computer so you can view and edit etc from either and when offline. 


The Secure Encryption not just on your storage drives and Workspace in general but the connection software itself negates the need for a VPN too as mentioned!


So if you pay for a VPN or where considering it you have an instant VPN and Modern Workstation for the same price roughly as a months membership to a VPN.


Additional Options and Add on's tend to be bespoke to the customer as there are so many potential variables which is why we don't list individual pricing on our website. 


However to give an example of how cheap up scaling is.... Drive Space for example is £5 for an extra 50GB and don't forget the storage is the very latest SSD super fast technology.


As you can see the savings are undeniable and the team at SCS are happy to provide you with advice on possible future needs as well as current. We of course offer basic support for setup and access problems as well as basic troubleshooting.


We also have an additional package for more in depth technical support for the less experienced of users at a very reasonable price of just £20 per year.


Essentially you can buy your account and get setup within minutes. Then you are welcome to contact us to discuss add on's, upgrades and other packages as well as advice on a range of other services we can add, such as business Website & APP Development, Design and Hosting and so much more.


This is an introduction to SCS for a year with a very capable performance cloud based PC for just £29.99 or £49.99


There is a 14 day cooling off period so if you are not satisfied in any way you will be refunded in full. 

Basic Spec is 4 Core 16Gb Ram

Higher Spec is 8 Core 32Gb Ram

Nvidia RDP Add On High performance Computing running most AAA titles at 60 FPS. (So access from Workstation or Home Computer).

Both have 1TB SSD Root Drives and 80 GB SSD Storage.

So Why Wait By Now or email us with any questions.

Or Customization requests, extra storage, Higher Spec Hardware and GPU Performance! We can bump up the gaming specs easily and cheaply. We just started with the 60 FPS package due to monitor/tv restraints likely to be experienced with this type of platform.

Call Us to ask any questions or to get temporary login for  a Live Demo