Firstly we are a UK registered Limited Company who you can actually call and talk to a human about any of our products. 

Secondly we are completely transparent about what we are doing and go to great lengths to explain in as much detail as possible how we are able to generate a profit but for the purpose of brevity for this particular page. 


In layman's terms we are essentially acting like a Hedge Fund only we are not providing financial advice or locking actual money in an account in order to maintain a certain rate of interest so we are not acting like a bank and cryptocurrency is a digital asset / product that in this case you are purchasing and if choosing to depositing BTC into our Pool where a digital ledger of your balance will be kept.


We provide a 14 day cooling off period so if you decide within 14 days you just want your BTC elsewhere we will return the full amount minus the lowest transaction fee available.


However after the 14 days we then deduct the deposit fee and send you confirmation of your exact balance minus the fee.


Each Calendar Month members will receive a report on how the Smart Wallet Performed and will tell you what profit you have made on your balance. You then as per your chosen terms which are changeable at any point can either withdraw the whole balance or just have the profit sent to a second "Profit Wallet / Card" that you choose and designate. You can either let your balance increase therefore increasing your total Smart Wallet Balance Essentially Compounding the Profits for as many months as you like either taking profits off the top into your second wallet or just letting it compound and get regular monthly updates on the performance and your balance etc.


So you could put £100's Worth of BTC in and leave it for a year which would yield the highest compounded possible sum and withdraw the lot or just the profit and do the same the following year or decide to take quarterly profits etc. You can of course top up your balance to increase the amount of profit or just pick a balance and a payout schedule and leave it. The point is you have total freedom.


You can withdraw, transfer, sell your btc at any time you like just like any other online wallet. There is of course risk involved with owning any cryptocurrency as it is very volatile hence why we have found a pretty good way of mitigating this at worse and profiting from it at best while also benefitting hopefully from the long term gains.


Please see the How It Works Page for full details on how this works but rest assured this is not a Ponzi scheme or pyramid scheme or anything of the sort it is an innovative wallet that has the same risk as just putting crypto and doing nothing with it has but with the added bonus of making some money from a clever multiple trading script. Just like the crypto itself we provide a product for which we charge a 7% Deposit fee FULL STOP. We always either maintain the exact balance whatever it's value happens to be with the added bonus of profits from diversified multiple trades that always end up back as BTC to add to your balance as stated or take and use.

Please make sure you read our full terms of service if you decide to join and Deposit and of course as mentioned previously have a look at the detailed presentation of how it works and what it does.

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